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The Art of being right – A. Schopenhauer

“Schopenhauer describes all kinds of methods used by those who want to be right despite of the facts, the truth and the logic of their arguments. It is worth knowing all those methods when we argue with people who are unreliable”- from Tadeusz Kotarbiński’s foreword.

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LOUD AND CLEAR – Bogumiła Toczyska

The author addresses this book to specific groups:

• Business lecturers who have to speak well;
• Journalists, lawyers, future priests and students of adequate departments;
• Media journalists (TV, radio) who not always are familiar with appropriate orthophonic form of verbalizing their thoughts;
• Ambitious young people interested in theatre, journalism or law, who are willing to widen their competences or look for advice in the field;
• Government and administration officials, spokesmen – with the help of speech therapists and this book, they may improve the speaking skills ”.
From the foreword by Mirosława Lombardo.



Unique anthology of 250 speeches that have influenced Polish and world history.
Human fortunes told by their main authors.
Each speech followed by a commentary, notes and biography of the author.

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Verbal Fight – Marek Kochan

Why do people win the verbal fights? Everyday almost each of us has to tell the others he or she is right. It is not only the partner in the discussion that has to be convinced but also or maybe first of all everyone else who listens to the debate. Sometimes even the strongest evidence turns out to be weak. Political debates are often an example of such situations. Why does a demagogue have bigger chances in a debate? What shall we do if we get stuck in a public discussion? What a television debate is all about? Everyone who wants to know the answers should read this book.

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